Provided Services


  • Wiring for new construction
    Houses, garages, sheds
  • Wiring for remodel
  • Service calls
  • New electrical service upgrade
  • Specialty lighting installation


  • Wiring for new grain handling equipment
  • Wiring barns, sheds, and lighting
  • Service calls to repair wiring for grain handling equipment
  • Locate for burn off and repair wiring
  • Pump wiring
  • Irrigation¬†systems
  • Motor control and troubleshooting


  • New construction and remodel
  • Schools, office buildings, apartments
  • Service work
  • Control and alarm wiring
  • Pump wiring
  • Wiring for air handlers
  • Hospital wiring
  • Lighting systems

If you need our services, feel free to schedule a service request.

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